Thursday, February 21, 2008

Blank Stare shows

American Cheeseburger
Blank Stare
Neon Bitches (ex-straight to hell)
Like Rats (first gig)
@ The Ratscellar (ratscellar @

Lost Cause (philly)
Contempt for Humanity
Blank Stare
@AS220 in Providence, RI

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

New Website - Welcome

Blank Stare is a hardcore punk band from Boston, MA. We've released 3 self titled 7 inches; the first one by ourselves, the second and third ones by Third Party and Refuse Records. Below you can check out mp3's from each of those releases.

We're releasing a 12inch this spring entitled "World Against Me." Third Party is doing the US pressing and Refuse Records is doing a European pressing. We're also planning a European Tour for the month of July. Check
back for updates.

To Contact us:

real mail: 6 Wadleigh Pl
Boston, MA 02127

Refuse Records - 2006 - Still Available

Third Party - 2006 - Still Available
White Corpse

Self Released - 2005 - Thankfully out of print.
This is Not Intuition