Wednesday, September 16, 2009

The End.


Monday, July 27, 2009

Update 7/27/09

-You can now download the entire LP at
-If you want a physical copy of the LP email me @ 12$ppd (in the us)
-Refuse Records has repressed the Blank Stare LP. So if you want a real copy and you're in Europe check that out.
-We may or may not be writing and recording a new seven inch sometime soon.
-Played with Sick Fix/Coke Bust in Boston a few weeks ago. First Boston show in 13 months. Thanks.

Friday, March 13, 2009

Live Tape - Almost.

Art is all done and the Live tape is actually going to come out.
Thanks to Chris at Drugged Conscience records.
GO here - -- It will be out soon.

Also I have a few of the Euro versions of the LP left (1 extra song.) Email if you'd like one. I have many of the US pressing if you'd like one of those...

Friday, December 12, 2008

Pre-Order covers/LIVE TAPE

The US version of our LP is finally out on Third Party records. We're normally not a limited version kind of band, but for the pre-ordered copies of the record we made different covers for 100 of them. There is no colored vinyl for the first press. The covers can be seen in the picture below (click to make it huge.) They feature live shots from a few shows in Europe taken by our friend Patrick. There are about 13 different versions and they are all photo prints (on thick photo paper) attached to glossy LP jackets. The backs are all the same and are the art from the back of the LP and the song list.

I have about 10 copies left over if anyone actually gives a shit and wants one send 15$ to xabbottx @ you can get one. Because there are only a few left over, please email me first to check if there are any left. First come first serve. If you are just looking for a regular version you can buy that as well for 13$

Many people have asked me if that live tape we talked about a while back is ever coming out. Well it actually is. Our friend Chris from Florida who runs Drugged Conscience records is putting out the live tape for us. Don't expect it anytime ultra soon as I'm sure he's got his plate full at the moment. But check the Drugged Conscience website for details soon. There will only be 100, so again if you care take note.

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Alive and LP (us version) SOON!


"All of the printing for the BLANK STARE s/t 12" is done so I'm comfortable to announce PRE-ORDERS. The ship date is October 28th.

$13.00 Paypal in the US.

$21.00 Paypal World.

All PRE-ORDERS get white vinyl.

Paypal goes to: "

Our record release show will be on October 10th (assuming we have copies...) in Haverhil, MA. Check details below...ALSO, we have a few discography tapes left which you can email me about at

10.18.08 "edge" day
@ Anchors Up in Haverhil, MA (welfare records)
NO TOLERANCE (first show)
FREE SPIRIT (first show)

Thursday, July 31, 2008

Tour Shirts/Tapes

We have shirts left over from tour. Buy them. Thanks. 12$ppd to

We will also have copies to the Refuse version of the LP available for sale in future.

ALSO: We made discography tapes (minus the demo) for tour and we have a few of those left as well. 5$ppd. Its 40 minutes of music. All 3 seven inches, the LP, and 3 yet unreleased tracks. Since we have no shows coming up in the planned future this is really the only way to get these. Sorry there is no picture.

Monday, July 28, 2008


We're back, and we'd like to thank Robert from Refuse Records for booking the tour, putting out our record and generally being a great guy. Thanks to everyone who helped with the shows, special thanks to Konstance and Kristen in Dresden, and anyone who came out!

Here are some pictures and videos from the tour!

Ravenna, Italy


Dresden, Germany:

Libelice, Slovenia:

Lublin, Poland:

Libelice, Slovenia:

Piaseczno, Poland:


Kiel, Germany:

Lublin, Poland: